Candidate Chris Mallios

and Bill McNett.

About Chris 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Chris attended Philadelphia public schools and put himself through Penn State University and Temple's Beasley Law School by working in retail jobs and delivering pizza. Chris has enjoyed serving the people of Philadelphia as a prosecutor, attorney, law clerk and teacher and has worked as a teacher and trainer for criminal justice professionals throughout the country.  

The University of Pennsylvania recently tapped Chris to implement its new procedures designed to respond to sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking on campus.  As a Philadelphia-based Attorney-Advisor at AEquitas: The Prosecutor's Resource on Violence Against Women, he was part of a small but select group of former prosecutors who travel throughout the United States training prosecutors, police, judges and other professionals in the response to rape, domestic violence, stalking, elder abuse and human trafficking. AEquitas is a project of the Pennsylvania Coaltion Against Rape.

The U.S. Justice Department trusted Chris to conduct training sessions for FBI agents and federal prosecutors, and the Department of Defense has relied on his expertise in teaching the Judge Advocate General Corps how to improve the U.S. military’s response to violence against women. Chris has also traveled to Nepal and Liberia, where he taught judges and lawyers how to work on the most difficult and sensitive cases of sexual violence.  

In addition to earning a national reputation as an expert in his field, Chris has taught law students as an Adjunct Professor at Temple Law School. He has alse been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and an affiliate of the Ortner Center for Family Violence.  


After graduating from law school in 1987, Chris received an appointment as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia where he prosecuted thousands of cases involving almost every type of crime. He later worked as a criminal defense attorney, representing indigent defendants as a court-appointed lawyer in criminal trials including death penalty
cases. He has also served as a judicial clerk on Pennsylvania's Commonwealth and Supreme Courts, and he presided as a Hearing Officer in the Mental Health Court of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.  


Chris then returned to the District Attorney's Office where he specialized in the prosecution of rape, child abuse, and domestic violence cases. The District Attorney appointed Chris to serve as Chief of the Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit. As Chief, he supervised prosecutors and detectives and worked closely with the police department to seek justice for victims and hold offenders accountable. He was the District Attorney's liaison to the LGBT Community and also oversaw the prosecution of hate crimes for the city.  To promote an effective criminal justice response to these violent and impactful crimes, he developed and implemented a hate crimes training program for police, prosecutors and human relations staff in Philadelphia and throughout the state.

The District Attorney also sent Chris to Harrisburg to help with the drafting of new laws to help victims. In that role, he helped to win passage of a package of child protection laws that was recommended by the Philadelphia grand jury investigating clergy sexual abuse in Philadelphia. 


In recognition of his work to bring justice to the lives of the citizens of Philadelphia, Chris has received awards from Women Organized Against Rape, the Philadelphia Children's Alliance, and the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.  Chris lives with his husband, Dr. Bill McNett in Center City.

  • Integrity matters
  • Justice should always prevail
  • Courtrooms level the playing field
  • To work in public service is a privilege 

Chris' Values 

Chris' Public Service 

  • Practicing lawyer for 27 years
  • Prosecutor for 16 years
  • Chief of the Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit
  • Chief of the Elder Justice Project
  • Hate crimes prosecutor
  • Personally tried and supervised thousands of cases
  • Criminal defense attorney

  • Judical clerk on the Pa. Supreme Court and Commonwealth Court
  • Adjunct professor: University of Pennsylvania and Temple Beasley School of Law

  • Visiting faculty, Naval Justice School, Newport, RI

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